Growing up in Sacramento, California was great but I have always been the adventuresome type, yearning for new experiences.  After graduating from UCLA, I moved to the Caribbean for three years and began working on a motor yacht and then onto a position as the concierge for an exclusive resort.  Although I treasured the beautiful scenery of crystal blue waters and soft white sands, California kept calling.

My next adventure began when I moved to Los Angeles and started working in the casting department for a successful NBC television show. As a hobby, after long casting days, I began making jewelry to relax. When I got such a great response from friends and co-workers for my designs, my passion and creativity grew stronger which launched my next career as a jewelry designer.

My newest creation is a one-of-a-kind magnetic necklace line called “Magnetix”.  “Magnetix” necklaces were the outcome of a fashion emergency.  When packing for my European honeymoon, my husband insisted I pack light, putting a serious damper on my vision of looking stylish in Italy.  I had originally planned to take enough jewelry to create a unique look for each day of their 17-day trip.  Determined to find a way, I tried to utilize the same piece of jewelry while spicing it up a bit to give my outfits a different appearance.   Then it hit me, how great it would be to have one necklace and a variety of pendants to change one’s look to coordinate with each outfit and still pack light. So when I returned, I went to work and developed “Magnetix!”

Now as a mom, wife and dog owner, my outlook on life, as well as my styles have changed.  Running from a soccer game to a dinner out with my husband, I’ve found my interchangeable jewelry line has made it easier for me to look stylish throughout my day’s activities.

It has been a journey for me to learn to be comfortable with who I am and I hope to inspire women to express who they truly are.  There is only one of you and you have so much to offer the world by just being you!

Donna Asch designs have been seen on television shows “The O.C.”, “Charmed”, “Dawson’s Creek,” and “Providence”. Keep an eye out for her latest creations.

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